Advantages of Grass Plants for Your Home Lawn

Your home lawn is made up of thousands of individual grass plants which all grow together and knit themselves into that enormous dark patch of green. There are various kinds of grass plants used for lawns that this report will provide you a summary of the more common ones for your home lawn we can split the grass that is grown into two classes warm season grass and cool season grass the kind you have is determined by your geographical location.

grass plants

Cool Season Grasses

Those who reside in the northern portion of the nation have lawns composed of cool season grasses. The significant kinds of lawn grasses such as the north are bluegrass, fescue, and ryegrass there’s also bent grass but do to high maintenance requirements is not often utilized in home lawns.

Kentucky bluegrass – is the most widely Constructed of cool season grasses it is blue green in colour and has a medium fine texture. Very cold tolerant but it does need some maintenance. Heavy watering and fertilizing will make this grass glow. Kentucky bluegrass is normally the standard by which other grasses are quantified.

Rough Bluegrass – is a fine textured grass Bright green in colour, it is extremely shallow rooted but does well in shady and moist conditions. In sunny locations this bud will crowd out other grasses especially Kentucky Blue Grass and Perennial Ryegrass.

Chewing Fescue – an aggressive crowd type Grass that establishes it is self quickly germinating in seven to fourteen days. Medium green in colour it will crow out other grasses but is excellent for heavy shade locations. During warm dry weather will lose colour promptly.

Warm Season Grasses

In southern areas of the country warm season grasses are used. When the cool weather arrives a good deal of grass plants turn brown and go dormant. On account of the dirt and weather condition selecting the most appropriate grass is important.

Bahia grass: the drought tolerant and Resistant to pest and disease attacks. This turf needs regular mowing during hot weather. Bahia grass would not tolerate herbicides and improper maintenance will lead to weed issues.

Bermuda grass:  great turf yard Popular in the south. With intense maintenance will generate a high quality lawn. Drought tolerant and disease resistant established quickly and requires weekly watering to keep growth during drought periods.

Centipede Grass – low growing very compact and Aggressive grass does well in regions of low fertility. Grows best in full sun but it is extremely low maintenance and has few pest issues. Once established it makes a nice lawn.

Dr Paradox