Tips In Cleaning Your Computer

Dust and dirt are everywhere and by everywhere I mean everywhere even inside your laptop and computer. Take the pc for example. The only devices that you mainly use are the keyboard and your computer screen. The rest of the components like the speakers and the CPU are hidden under the table or in a corner. The only time you touch it is when you want to switch the computer on and off. You take your laptop everywhere you go.  You carry it through dusty roads and in the crowded busses and subways. You may use it outdoors where the wind carries a little dust here and there. Let’s face it the dust will creep inside your pc or laptop whatever the way you use it.

That is why cleaning is important. Even the best personal computers and the best gaming notebook- whatever you are using, you still need to clean it up. Here are few tips when physically cleaning your laptop.

Slowly unplug all the wires from behind the CPU and take it outside for cleaning. You don’t want to have the hassle of cleaning up afterwards. When unplugging make sure you know which wire goes to which port. You can label them if you want. Remove the case and clean it separately.

If there is anything you must definitely clean, it is the fans which is a dust filter for your pc. It will be filled with dust. Gently dust it and vacuum it if possible. There will be vents in the cases which will have to be cleaned as well. Click this link if you are looking for alienware computer.

Use wet wipes to slowly wipe off the dirt of the surface of the components. If you are using a cleaning spray of some sort do not spray it directly in to the components. The liquid might creep inside and create an electric short when you use it afterwards. Do not use the high powered vacuums as it may suck up any tiny cables or resistors on the mother board.

Remove the cables gently and make sure you know where to fix the cables back. Clean the ports and cables very gently. Reset the cards as well because as time goes they tend to get loose. Once you have removed the cards and cables blow some air to remove the rest of dust with canned air.

The vacuuming, brushing and several shots of canned air should be able help you clean the dust in your device. Put everything back in the correct place and wipe it a few times. Use wipes carefully as it may leave small pieces of fiber here and there. Once you do that fix it back up and you are done.


Dr Paradox