How Cigar Bars Keep Their Products Fresh

Those that are privileged enough to have smoked some kind of a cigar would know that this is by far the most premium and luxurious smoking experience that you are ever going to be able to have once all has been said and is now out of the way. The reason behind this is that cigars are made with tobacco that is of a much higher quality than what ends up getting used in cigarettes, which means that even if you don’t know how you can manage to use these cigars properly you should still try lighting one up and smoking it by going to a cigar bar at one point or another.

One thing that might surprise you when you go to a cigar bar is how fresh the cigars are going to be. This is a quality of New York cigar bars that sets them apart from the rest. Such bars know that there is no value in a cigar that has become somewhat stale, and they make a lot of investments to acquire the equipment necessary to keep cigars fresh for as long as possible.

An especially useful piece of equipment that ends up being used in this regard is a humidor. This is basically a box of sorts that has been specially designed to maintain a level of humidity that is necessary to prevent cigars from trying out. A dry cigar is going to end up having really harsh and unpleasant tobacco that might even have an acrid or bitter taste to it. Putting it in a humidor would leave it with just the right levels of moisture that would keep the tobacco nice and toasty without making it dry.

Dr Paradox